No. Corporate name Talent team Technical direction advantage
1 Xi'an Qi core Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd. John Ching team Monolithic photonic integrated chip
All optical integrated system chip
Photon gyroscope
"thousand man plan" One Person
National Institute of Foreign Affairs "Thousand Person Plan" One Person,
And was awarded the Xi'an Friendship Award
2 Xi'an Saifu Semiconductor Technology Co., Ltd. Yale University team Gallium nitride semi polar Professor Han Zhong, chief scientist of the company, is director of Department of electronic engineering, Yale University.,
Top experts in the international field of gallium nitride,
Senior adviser to national natural resources、
energy and Defense Department
3 Xi'an full spectrum infrared technology Co., Ltd. Yan Xing long team Infrared optical materials Doctor of Xi'an optical machine Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences;
Korea Institute of industrial technology and postdoctoral research of University of New Mexico;
Own intellectual property rights of infrared optical materials
4 Xi'an Zhongke Alfa Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. Zhang Wenwei team High sensitivity programmable magnetic sensor 3D magnetic sensor chip In 2016, the national 1000 person program, University of Oxford postdoctoral, has organized many large projects in Britain and other countries.
5 Xi'an full wave laser chip technology Co., Ltd. Shi Yuan team Optical communication laser chip and device Ph.D. in physics and astronomy, University of orhus, Kingdom of Denmark; experience in Silicon Valley venture capital company.
6 Xi'an Tangjing Quantum Technology Co., Ltd. Gong Ping Team VCSEL epitaxial wafer
Semiconductor laser epitaxial wafer
90 per cent of the country depends on imports
Technical barriers are extremely high
7 Xi'an Zhuo Radium Laser Technology Co., Ltd. Wang Tao Team Industrial ultrafast picosecond laser
Medical grade picosecond laser
High energy nanosecond laser
A number of domestic sub-areas, the first shipment
More than ten series and more than 20 products have been developed
Some products have been exported to South Korea, Japan, Israel and other countries
8 Xi'an Rui Microelectronics Co., Ltd. Zheng Hongzhi team High precision temperature compensated crystal oscillator chip、
Ultra-low phase noise crystal oscillator chip
Xi'an 5211 talent program One Person
9 Xi'an Hua Xian technology limited liability company Deng Ping team Thin film platinum resistance RTD temperature sensor, wear-resistant resistor substrate The company mainly produces thin film platinum resistance RTD, temperature sensor, wear-resistant resistance substrate and so on. It has been widely used in the fields of chemical industry, power generation, automobile, medical, pharmaceutical, instrument, aerospace, military industry and so on.
10 Xi'an Hanwei Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd. Duan Minghao team High energy particle detection materials, devices and subsystems he research and development center and mass production line of X light cesium scintillation crystal film materials are set up in China. After production, it will change the current situation that is not conducive to Chinese customers in the industrial supply chain, which is of great significance for the development of high end X digital diagnostic imaging system in China.
11 Xi'an spaceflight people core technology Co., Ltd. Wang Xiaofei team Power management chip Outstanding scientific and technological entrepreneurs in Shaanxi
12 Xi'an Dewey code Semiconductor Co., Ltd. Zhou Caizhang team High definition video transmission chip Founder of American top company
Awarded "key venture team" by the State Council Overseas Chinese office
13 Xi'an Zhongke Crystal Technology Co., Ltd. Zhang Lei team Microprojection display chip "100 people plan" of the Chinese Academy of Sciences One Person
14 Xi'an Yang Xiao Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. Wu Yang team High end sensor chip National "thousand man plan" One Person
15 Shenzhen Boulevard Semiconductor Co., Ltd. Li Gang team Non encapsulated LED chip Doctorate of semiconductor materials
Deputy director of the Nanshan Industrial Technology Research Institute, Shenzhen University
16 Xi'an brisk Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. Zhang Bo team Silicon based millimeter wave integrated circuit chip Shaanxi Youth Science and technology new star